Turnkey Curriculum


Our physical education program provides educators with the curriculum and equipment to guide students in developing efficient body movement.  Students engage at their own pace and skill level, that can be measured.



Each kit has all the tools necessary for smooth implementation of the program, including Quick Start Field Guide with detailed activation sequence, coaching tips and clear objectives for each station. Quick set-up and pack away, plus circuit can be modified to fit varying timeframes.



The smaller size makes for a great kinetic training tool …plus, they can rebound off of walls/floor but won’t bounce away like their air-filled counterpart.


Made of polyethylene with a rubber nosed tip, it is widely recognized as the safest and most-effective throwing training device in the marketplace and can be used indoors.


An important aspect of the Odin Kinetic Training System is targeting, the “Chin-up, Chest-out, Eyes on Target” mantra reinforces proper posture by emphasizing the need for the head (link 5) correct to remain in correct anatomical position.


Multicolored cones provide a path that makes it easy for participants to follow and allows easy direction and flow management for the instructor


Whether for pre-season conditioning, in-season maintenance or off-season training, Odin Kinetic Training System prepares any individual, regardless of ability, for all sports.


Motivation comes from within, and a system of success is something that balances a winning mentality and a well-developed training regime.