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While competing in the first ever Big 8 Decathlon Conference Championship for the University of Nebraska, Jeff Loescher won the competition.  Performing well in the running and jumping events, but not in the throwing events, specifically the javelin.

“I could throw a football/baseball 50+ yards, but that arm-strength didn't transfer to the javelin.”  - Jeff

This became a source of frustration as his "traditionally learned" over-the-shoulder throwing motion was preventing him from pursuing his dream of qualifying for the US Olympic Team.

At the time, his coaches were leading him in training drills that mainly reinforced increase strength and not on technique. More determined than ever Jeff sought out and tried several potential solutions to increase his throwing power.

Unfortunately, it wasn't until after he retired from competition that he met Tom Petranoff.  At the time, Tom was one of the world's premiere javelin throwers.  A two-time Olympian and Javelin World Record Holder, Tom had clearly figured a winning throwing technique.

As they became friends, Tom shared his strategy of combining science based mechanics of movement with a training philosophy of Test-Access-Adjust-Train. 

"If you're serious about improving any over-the-shoulder throwing motion, you have to embrace a regimen that builds a strong foundation.  Those athletes looking to take short cuts and bypass fundamental techniques may/will have limited success and are destined for potential career ending injuries. I used this system for 17 years and attribute much of my success, and lack of injury, to the fundamentals taught with the Odin Kinetic Training System." - Tom  

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Jeff received his teaching degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. While there, he was a four-time Letterwinner, All-American high-jumper, where his indoor best of 7'6" stood for 23 years.  He was also the first every Big 8 Conference Decathlon Champion and served as Team Captain for two years.

After chasing his Olympic dream by competing after college, he realized The Olympics were just beyond his reach and began a career internationally as an Account Executive in the Healthcare Manufacturing industry.  Throughout his career, Jeff learned the value of applying science-based products/services to real world situations in order to achieve success.  Combining data driven knowledge with effective training led Jeff to be a recognized sales leader in the industry.

Throughout his career, Jeff remained focused on helping athletes reach their potential and has volunteered as and Assistant Coach for Washington University, Lindbergh, Parkway South and Principia High Schools in St. Louis, MO.



Tom's love of athletics started early age and became a top-level athlete in high school by lettering in baseball, football, and golf. Shortly thereafter he discovered the javelin and his life changed forever. Tom achieved great success in the javelin, he is a two-time Olympian, World-record holder (1983 & 1986), and held a Top 10 worldwide ranking for over 10 years.

In 1988, Tom moved to South Africa where his career progressed to include working with Mobil Oil and local governments to develop track & field programs. A couple years later he invented the TurboJav and started coaching, which included the position of Head Coach for the 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta.

Upon returning to the US in 1998, he continued to develop the TurboJav and established a curriculum for school programs. Since then, the program has expanded the program with AAU, USATF, and Special Olympics.

He continues to coach and train elite athletes from around the world.

"I have an unyielding passion for athletics and my vision is continue to support the sport of track and field and positively impact the lives and educational experience for disabled students and athletes."

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